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Dr. Evan Brofsky is an experienced Chiropractor in Green Acres FL, he routinely treats patients suffering from injuries related to car accidents and has a close network of injury attorneys to ensure his patients get due compensation!

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Dr. Brofsky is an experienced Chiropractor with extensive experience in diagnosing and treating many different forms of back pain. Our practice delivers an elevated level of care for your entire family through our treatments. Regardless of whether this is your first visit to the chiropractor or if you’ve experienced frequent back pain, we are here to help you! We provide services for pain relief conditions such as back pain, neck pain,  car accident injuries, sports injuries, spinal injuries, migraines, whiplash, low back pain, sciatica and more.

During your first visit, Dr. Brofsky will conduct an examination and take a full medical history in order to provide you with the best care. The first phase is to provide immediate pain relief through proper back alignment.

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Our primary focus is on providing our patients with a pathway towards better health through ongoing chiropractic maintenance and preventative care. Our number one concern is the health and safety of the people we serve.


If you are unsure if you have chiropractic coverage, please don't hesitate to call our office at 954-806-4696 to see if we accept your insurance. Disclaimer

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